Level 2 Award in Citizen AID (RQF)

Level 2 Award in Citizen AID (RQF)

Duration: Half Day

Learners: 12

Course Description

Intended Audience

The QA Level 2 Award in Citizen Aid (RQF) qualification has been developed for all members of the General public, Event Stewards, Security personnel who wish to learn valuable life-saving skills and techniques for use in the event of a shooting, stabbing, bombing or other deliberate incident.

Note about duration: Half day classroom session & practical sessions

Course Overview

Akona delivers the Qualsafe Level 2 Award in Citizen AID (RQF) this is a regulated qualification designed to teach members of the public life-saving skills for use in the event of a deliberate multiple casualty incident. Based on the Citizen AID Pocket Guide and Phone App, this 3 hour qualification will teach learners how to react safely, pass on effective messages to the emergency services, prioritise the injured and give life-saving first aid in these extreme situations.

Course Competencies

Be able to use the citizen AID app/pocket guide in an emergency situation

Use the citizen AID app/pocket guide to determine appropriate actions to take in the event of:
  • Active shooter or knife attacker
  • Suspect bomb
  • Exploded bomb

Use the citizenAID app/pocket guide to:
  • Communicate an incident report to the emergency services
  • Triage multiple casualties
  • Provide a casualty handover to the emergency services

Be able to provide immediate first aid to an unresponsive casualty who is breathing:
  • Open a casualty’s airway and check breathing
  • To Place a casualty into the recovery position

Demonstrate packing and pressure into a wound using:
  • Improvised dressings
  • Manufactured dressings

Demonstrate the application of:
  • An improvised tourniquet
  • A manufactured tourniquet

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