OLEC 3: Re-certification

OLEC 3: Re-certification

Duration: 1 Day (each element)

Course Description

Intended Audience

The purpose of this competent unit is to define the technical competence requirements for persons required to undertake construction, renewal, enhancement and modification activities of OLE. The individual should have good exposure to OLE construction

Course Overview

This competence unit applies in all circumstances where any person is required to construct, renew, enhance and modify OLE on Network Rail Managed Infrastructure.

The level and extent of responsibility shall include their own safety and that of others who might be affected by their work. The person shall be expected to refer to others for authorisation when required, shall be responsible for the implementation of the instructions and shall work within set procedures and specifications. The person is also responsible for the quality of their completed work.

The competence unit shall be used to assess the competence of people undertaking construction, renewal and enhancement activities on all OLE types on Network Rail Managed Infrastructure.

  • Hold OLEC 1 and OLEC 2
  • Currently hold a valid sentinel card endorsed with Personal Track Safety AC, log book, supporting evidence and witness statement (Validating course attendance)
  • In-date drug/alcohol and medical test
  • Have a valid sponsor
  • Up to date CV

Competence Unit Review

To prove competent in this unit, the person shall demonstrate their ability to complete the construction, renewal enhancement and modification activities in accordance with current working instructions.

The topics covered on the course are as follows:

  • How the activity may affect the safe operation of the railway
  • What procedures need to be followed, to confirm operational and personal safety, is maintained during the work
  • How to avoid personal injury and injury to others during the work
  • How the OLE is designed to function under normal operating conditions
  • What each of the component parts contribute to the overall operation of the system
  • What terminology and methods are used to identify OLE and describe operational status of the equipment
  • What tools are required to complete the work and what equipment certification/calibration is required
  • What the limits of your responsibility and authority are.
  • Who is responsible for taking equipment out of operational service and handling the equipment back to operational service
  • Construction activity reporting documentation
  • Reporting lines and escalation procedures
  • Industry protocols relating to communication of important safety information
  • Completing and confirm records are retained and preserved

On successful completion of the course:

Sentinel track safety card will be updated with OLEC 3- core module

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