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The word Akona means in Maori ‘To learn’

Akona was established in 2005 by the current owners and Directors Steve and Gaynor Ashley. The aim of the company is to provide high quality training. Predominately this has been directed towards the Security and Events industry however Akona added to its portfolio with Railway Engineering in 2012. The company has successfully delivered accredited programmes through several Educational Awarding Bodies for many high profile clients and events which have proven to be key milestones for Akona which include:

2005 – 2010: Wembley National Stadium approved training provider of event and management training courses and qualifications.

2006 – Present: Chelsea Football Club providing events stewarding/management, customers service, safeguarding and security training and qualifications at all levels.

2006 – 2011: Selected and participated in the course writing and the delivery of the 2012 London Volunteers programme.

2006 – 2012: Everton Football Club, Fulham Football Club, West Ham United Football Club, Charlton Athletic Football Club, Leyton Orient Football Club and The Oval Cricket Ground – event stewarding and customer service training packages.

2007 – Present: Awarded Career Transition Partnership CTP and ELCAS recognised training provider for Security, Events, Health & Safety and Railway Engineering Overhead Lines Construction training for service personnel leaving the Armed forces.

2008 – 2011: Awarded several Olympic 2012 contracts including the Borough of Waltham Forest, Newham Host Olympic Boroughs, Hackney Borough Bridging the Gap contract.

2011 – 2013: International recognition delivery of accredited event management training and qualifications to Sports Club Corinthians, Sao Paulo, Brazil. In preparation of the 2015 World Cup.

2011: Awarded training provider contract for the 2011 World Skills, London.

2012 – Present: Awarded by the National Skills Academy Rail (NSAR) training provider specialising in Overhead Lines Construction and Safety Critical training.

2013 – Present: Delivery of Railway Engineering Overhead Lines Construction courses OLEC standards and level 3 Diploma qualifications.

2014: Commonwealth Games Glasgow – Contracted to deliver Event Stewarding and Security qualifications.

2014 – 2015: Akona contracted to provide Balfour Beatty Junior Overhead Lines Engineers with training and assessments that would meet to the Level 3 Diploma in Railway Engineering Overhead Lines Construction.

2015 – 2016: Atkins contract Akona and Akona Concepts to provide the training, management of Apprentice Site Design Engineers for the GWEP project.

2015 – Present: Akona Concepts Limited established in the October 2015 sister company to Akona Limited. Concepts awarded a contract with Amey to provide the Great Western Electrification Project (GWEP) with newly trained and qualified OLE Assistant Engineers.

Akona Limited

Akona Limited is a training solutions company, specialising in the delivery and accreditation of vocational training packages. This can be to private clients, through government Adult Education Skills Funded Agency (ESFA) and Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) Ministry of Defence (MOD) funded programmes.

Akona has developed an innovative approach that utilises technology and practical application combining them with vocational training, to ensure learners receive recognised qualifications/standards for their courses.

Training products are geared towards Railway Engineering, Health and Safety, Crowd Management and the Security industry. Akona can in all cases provide clients with customised training to suit individual and corporate needs, whilst maintaining the standards required for international and national accreditation. Our training and qualifications are delivered to a wide range of learners in different industry sectors.

Akona’s Approach

Akona´s approach is based around a good understanding of the client’s and learners needs. Akona can deliver course content through flexible distance and e-learning modules, which gives substantial cost savings over conventional methodologies. The company provides quality products which are assured through our associations with organisations such as the Link Up (RISQS), Matrix, The National Skills Academy Railway (NSAR), Career Transition Partnership (CTP) and finally, International and National Recognised Awarding Bodies.

Akona is accredited with MATRIX quality standard and is an approved training center with the National Skills Academy Rail NSAR as well as international awarding bodies such as EAL and EDEXCEL. Since 2005, Akona has worked with a number of Government agencies, local Authorities and Colleges to provide vocational recognised qualifications for learners seeking employment across a range of UK industry sectors.

In addition to the above, Akona is also an approved training provider for the Armed Forces Service and former services personnel that are seeking second career opportunities after or on leaving through the CTP Armed Forces resettlement programme.

Site Design Engineer programme Akona/Atkins Global - Apprentices

Akona has recently delivered a successfully OLE Site Design Engineer apprenticeship programme for Atkins Global. For this, the apprentices were required to attend training support at the Akona training site (over a 12 month period) to gain their apprenticeship qualifications. Operationally, they both worked directly for Atkins on the Great Western (NEP) carrying out office site design tasks and off site OLE construction/site survey activities. The apprenticeship programme was funded by Akona through Doncaster College utilising SFA government. Both apprentices are now employed directly by Atkins Global.

AKONA 2017:

33 + Courses
100 + Pass Rate
1,041 + Learners
2 + Locations

Did you know? We are two companies!

Akona Concepts – Resource Management

Concepts logo

Akona Concepts Limited operates in a demanding and challenging market place providing organisations with industry professionals for railway engineering. We enable businesses to operate in a more efficient and effective manner by providing resource management solutions and concepts to enhance their operational requirements and performance. Concepts is the sister company of Akona Limited which is a recognised training and development company that offers international, national, and industry standards training and qualifications. In addition to these accredited programmes, industry standards are also achieved and maintained.

Concepts specialises in the consultancy, recruitment and the operational deployment of personnel in several areas in the railway industry. Our services are aimed at introducing to organisations, industry professionals and specialist with engineering, construction, technical and safety critical backgrounds.

The company is accredited with Link-up (RISQS) standards. This ensures that our team can and will provide our clients and customers the very best information, advice and guidance service, in finding and facilitating suitable concepts. This will provide the necessary resources to undertake operational tasks and roles in a variety of challenging environments.

Akona Concepts Complementary Services

We have been fully merged with Akona Group to offer clients a unique perspective that allows our professionals to be operationally efficient and effective in their role. Concepts ensures that they are accredited with the necessary qualifications and that continuous professional development is provided and managed through Akona Limited.

More about our Vision

Our vision is to build Akona Concepts into a first class leading organisation which is a fully integrated resource management, advisory and operational provider, of industry professionals specialising in railway engineering. Our aim is that people will aspire to be associated with our business because it will be underpinned by long term, trusting relationships with our partners, clients and employees.

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