We provide numerous training solutions to businesses, factories, warehouses, arenas and large office buildings by creating tailored training solutions to meet the regulations and demands of any working environment.

Our approach is simple: We work closely with client, establish industry standards, review existing protocols, assess client needs, provide solutions, gather feedback, deliver training solutions and finally instil in-house training and assessment capability.

Delivering in-house training and quality assurance are key features of our business mission: to create safe and secure environments.

We will bring the following to your business:

  • In-house training capability with Quality Assurance
  • Home Study Kits
  • Scenario Planning and Training
  • Emergency Drill and Evacuation procedures
  • Security, Emergency Aid and Safety competencies
  • Up-to-date information regarding industry and legislations
  • Long Term Cost Savings

Our training solutions are supported and endorsed by our educational partners Edexcel as recognised qualifications. This adds value to your business by bringing awareness to your workforce regarding the day-to-day safety hazards within their work environment.

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